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ESL Worksheets: First Aid Kit - Are You Prepared?

Level: ESL Advanced
Objective: learn to name basic items of a first aid kit and identify their usage; raise awareness of keeping a first aid kit at home, work and in the car
1. Put students in pairs. Ask to share memories of minor accidents or injuries they’ve experienced at home, work or while traveling/camping. How did they deal with the problem? Example:

I remember spraining my ankle on a hiking trip. Luckily, someone had an elastic bandage which I wrapped around my ankle. After resting for some time, I was able to continue the trip.

2. As students report their answers, take notes on the board. Write down the type of an accident/injury and the item that was used to treat it. (cut - antiseptic and band-aide, bump - ice-pack, etc.) Introduce the term ‘first aid kit’ and ask why it’s important to keep it on hand at all times.

3. Open a first aid kit you have on your school premises and display its items. Go over its contents naming each of the items and describing their usage.

4. Students do Exercise A identifying items from a first aid kit. You may want to include additional items if needed.

5. In pairs students list items necessary to deal with minor accidents, injuries or emergencies as asked in Exercise B.

6. Students practice their new vocabulary by answering questions in Exercise C.

7. Additional vocabulary work and writing. Find corresponding nouns to the verbs in Exercise D (1) and construct sentences with the words that can be both nouns and verbs in D (2).

Student Handout


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