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ESL Worksheets: Enjoying Outdoors - Favorite Playground Equipment

Level: ESL High-Intermediate
Objectives: articulate what equipment and elements students like best about playgrounds, share playground memories; raise playground safety awareness
Teacher Notes:
Tell students the lesson is about a popular area outdoors and let them guess what that is by asking yes/no questions. For example:
Can you camp there? (No)
Can you play tennis there? (No)
Is it for children? (Yes)
Elicit the word ‘playground’. Ask for any fond memories of their neighborhood playgrounds. Take notes on the board as you introduce/review vocabulary (decide how many words you want to mention based on the level):
playground equipment/apparatus, child-parent bond, new friendships, physical development, social norms: turn taking/sharing, daredevils
Hand out the worksheet. Have students name popular pieces of playground equipment in Name the Equipment (a) and find their brief descriptions in Name the Equipment (b).
Ask to give examples of safe and unsafe playground behavior (e.g.: walking in front of moving swings). Turn to more examples in Safe/Unsafe?
Extension: have a discussion how the unsafe behavior can be discouraged.
Briefly brainstorm some of the activities children are involved with that help them develop while playing. Add -tion to form corresponding nouns in  Nouns with Suffix -tion (e.g.: interact-interaction).
In pairs, students discuss Conversation Questions. Wrap up by going over the most interesting findings.
Student Handout:

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