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ESL Worksheets: Ways of Looking

Level: ESL Intermediate

Objective: learn verbs of sight
Teacher Notes:
Ask learners to imagine they’re driving or riding in a car. As they answer the questions below, discuss the meaning of the words in bold.
What road signs can they see? (notice with eyes)
Where do they look first/next when they change lanes/turn? (turn eyes in particular direction)
Do they ever glance at their cell phones to check new messages/emails while driving? (take a quick short look and then look away right after)
Do they sometimes glare at the driver cutting through traffic? (look angrily)
Do they always clear their mirrors and windows in foggy/snowy weather? Or just make a peep-hole (small opening) to peer through (look carefully as it’s difficult to see) the fog/blizzard?
Do they squint (look with the eyes partly closed) if the sun blinds them?
Can they timely spot (detect) potholes/speed bumps while driving?
Have they ever been able to glimpse at the wildlife while driving, especially in the countryside? (see briefly and incompletely)
Hand out the worksheet. Students match verbs of sight to their definitions in Verbs of Sight.
Introduce common collocations/expressions with the new words:
peep hole - a hole (e.g.: in a door) through which a person can look
peep-toe shoes/sandals (peep-toed) - shoes that have an opening at the end showing part of the toes
peeping Tom - a man who secretly observes women undressing

peek-a-boo - a game played with young children in which you hide your face with your hands and then take them away saying ‘peek-a-boo’
have/take a peek (at) - look at something for a short time
sneak peek - an opportunity to see something before it’s officially available to public (e.g.: sneak peek at a designer’s spring collection/next week’s show)
star-gazing - a hobby of watching the stars through a telescope or binoculars

Student Handout:

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