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ESL Worksheets: Comfort Foods

Level: ESL Intermediate

Objectives: familiarize students with popular North American comfort foods; describe basic steps of comfort food preparation; explore student opinions about comfort foods
Teacher Notes:
Discuss the meaning of the noun and verb ‘comfort’. How do people comfort themselves when they’re worried, upset or are going through rough times? What will bring comfort on a bone-chilling day?
Introduce the term ‘comfort food‘ which is simple, familiar and ‘feel good’ food that makes people feel particularly happy and secure. Comfort food reminds people of their homes or brings childhood memories. Share an example of comfort food that is significant for you (e.g.: chicken soup) and explain what/who you associate it with (e.g.: my mom/grandma used to serve it when...).
Ask students to name popular North American comfort foods by matching column A to column B in Name the Dish. Clarify new vocabulary, e.g.: corn-on-the-cob, pigs-in-a-blanket, etc.
Put students in pairs. Students number food preparation steps in a chronological order to explain how to make popular comfort foods. Follow with comprehension questions: What are the main ingredients of a Shepherd pie?/What’s the first step in making a beef chili/What can we season corn-on-the-cob with? At a higher-level, challenge students to explain the whole process of food preparation, using the words first, next, finally.
In small groups, students explore pros and cons of comfort foods by going through the Conversation Questions (1-6).

Student Handout:

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