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Canada Day Worksheet: Canadian-isms

Level: Low-Intermediate
Objectives: introduce words and phrases peculiar to Canadian English

Materials: cut-out cards of Canadian-isms and their definitions (see below), one set per each pair of students


Ask students to give examples of countries where English is spoken and name some of the English language varieties (American English, Canadian English, Australian English, British English, etc.) Talk about the possible reasons why these varieties exist (they reflect a way of life, history, cultural traditions, etc.)

Ask if students can discern a particular variety of English based on the vocabulary a speaker is using. Listen to some examples that students come up with.
Ask how students would recognize a Canadian based on the words used. Give an example of the typically added interjection ‘eh’ at the end of a sentence in Canadian English used to ask ‘don’t you think?’ as in:

It’s a great day, eh?
They did a fantastic job, eh?

Tell today’s class focuses on Canadian-isms, words and phrases that are unique to Canadian English. Put students in pairs. Hand out the previously cut-out cards and ask to match Canadian-isms with their definitions. Provide an example. There are 12
 matching pairs.

Time-permitting play a memory game with the cards.

Hand out the student worksheet Canadian-isms: Speaking Canadian English. Students replace the bolded phrases with the Canadian-isms to make them sound typically Canadian.

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