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ESL Worksheets: Expressing Affection

Objective: talk about the ways of communicating affection verbally and through body language
Level: ESL High-Intermediate
Note: This worksheet can be used as a Valentine’s Day lesson.
Teacher Notes:
Put students in pairs and assign questions that will help define affection:
1. How do you feel about someone you’ve known well or cared for them for a long time? (love, affection)

2. What is love between good friends based on? (common interests, shared experiences)

3. Are ‘love ‘ and ‘being in love’ the same things? (the latter involves romance)

4. How do family members and friends show bond between them? (through affection)
Explain that affection is a feeling of fondness, a special bond and/or attachment towards other people or pets.
Being affectionate is to show you care about someone (verbally or physically). For example, spouses may show affection by saying positive things about each other, cats might rub their heads against people and dogs can lick their master’s face or wag their tails.
Distribute the handout. Students explain words that show affectionate behavior (cuddle, caress, nuzzle, etc.) in Affection Through Body Language. Ask which gestures are appropriate for children, friends, pets and if all of them are considered polite in public in their cultures (such as blowing a kiss, winking, doing a fist bump).
Discuss how affection can be expressed through words (compliments, words of appreciation and encouragement). Explain the term ‘words of endearment’ (words used to show affection): darling, honey, sweetheart, etc. Students go over examples of words of endearment and recognize compliments, expressions of appreciation and encouragement in Affection Through Words.
Wrap up with Conversation Questions.
Student Handout

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