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ESL Worksheets: Describing Clothes Collocations (free sample)

Level: ESL High-Intermediate

Objectives: learn to describe various articles of clothing based on their  characteristics (style, length, function, pattern, material etc.)

Materials: cut-out magazine pictures with various clothing articles

Teacher Notes:

Tell students the lesson focusses on adjective + noun and noun + noun combinations used to describe clothes. Draw their attention to an item you’re wearing on that day(e.g.: blouse, blazer, shoes) and ask to think of adjectives that best describe it.

Put students in small groups. They’re to find a clothing article that can be described by adjectives or nouns in sentences 1-16. Check the answers clarifying the new vocabulary.

Hand out previously cut-out magazine pictures with various clothing articles. Students describe their pictures using the new words. Vote for the best (most detailed)description.
Student Worksheet:
Work in pairs. Match the clothing articles (a-p) to their descriptions (1-16). Some descriptions may fit more than one clothing article.

(a) boots

(e) jacket

(i) socks

(m) dress code

(b) clothes

(f) dress

(j) shirt

(n) suit

(c) skirt

(g) coat

(k) sweater

(o) gown

(d) hat

(h) shoes

(l) pants

(p) blouse

1. A _____ can be short-sleeved, long-sleeved, collared, buttoned-down, dress or polo.

2. _____ can be high-heeled, low-heeled, lace-up, backless, sling-back, peep-toe or pointed.

3. A _____ can be long, short, knee-length, off-the-shoulder, reversible, backless, sleeveless, or strapless.

4. A _____ can be long, short, A-line, straight, frilly, pleated, or striped.

5. _____ can be tight, baggy, low-rise, high-waisted, flared, wide-legged, or capri.

6. A _____ can be embroidered, frilly, V-necked, tuck-in, puff-sleeved or sleeveless.

7. A _____ can be straw, three-cornered, derby, cowboy, or wide-brimmed.

8. A _____ can be fur, leather, suede, mink, tweed, or waterproof.

9. There can be a night, wedding, ball, or evening _____ .

10.  _____ can be casual, classic, formal, elegant, conservative, sporty, designer or off-the-peg.

11. Casual, semi-formal, formal, semi-formal, white tie, or black tie are _____ examples.

12. There can be snow, sweat, three-piece, or bathing _____ .

13. A _____ can be knitted, cashmere, woolen, turtleneck, cardigan or pullover.

14. _____ can be knee-high, ankle, mid-calf, cushioned, or athletic.

15. A _____ can be denim, leather, waterproof, hooded, or windbreaker.

16. There can be high, ankle, knee-length, rubber, lace up, army _____.

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