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ESL Worksheets: Vacation Collocations

Level: ESL Intermediate

Objectives: help notice and retain collocations related to vacation
Teacher Notes:
Bring in or draw a picture of a popular and well-known tourist destination. Ask the learners to describe the picture. Brainstorm for a few minutes, allowing all learners to answer.  Then write 'tourist trap' on the board.  Ask the class if they are familiar with this expression.  Allow learners to try to explain the meaning of this expression to the class.  Clarify or correct the meaning if needed. 
'Tourist trap' is an expression that describes a popular tourist place that takes advantage of tourists by overcharging for goods and or services.
The expression 'tourist trap' is a collocation, which means it’s a group of words that commonly are arranged together. Like idioms or phrasal verbs, it is best to remember the meaning of the group of words as one, not as individual words.  Unlike idioms and phrasal verbs the meaning is sometimes more evident based on the separate meanings of each word.
Pair Work: Have learners work in pairs and discuss the following collocations.
tourist visa
tourist class
tourist centre
tourist attraction

Have they heard any of these collocations?  What do they think the collocations mean?  Monitor as needed.
Hand out the worksheet.  Have learners complete the worksheets in pairs.  Learners choose the target word that best completes each sentence.
Extension: In pairs have learners make one sentence for each collocation that is used in this lesson.  Monitor as needed.

**** Although teachers of English know most collocations, some of them may be new or unfamiliar.  Definitions have been provided for unfamiliar collocations.

family outings-family excursions for pleasure

holiday romances-romantic pairings that occur during vacations

road trips-journeys made by car

traveller’s cheques-cheques that can be easily cashed by visitors at most hotels and/or banks

traveller’s diarrhea-cramps and frequent bowel movements usually caused by contaminated food or water

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