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ESL Worksheets: Taxis of the World

Level: ESL High-Intermediate

Objectives: learn vocabulary related to using a taxi; share personal experiences and cultural knowledge about taxis in different parts of the world
Teacher Notes:
Make a list of the world’s 5-7 cities/countries that can be easily recognized through their iconic symbols. Even if your students haven’t visited these places, they might be familiar with the symbols through movies or television programs. For example:
London, UK - a double-decker bus or red phone box
Ask if taxis can be recognized as symbols of a particular city/country (e.g.: yellow is strongly associated with New York taxis).
Go over some common word combinations related to using a taxi on the board. Clarify the meanings as you write these on the board:
hail/flag a taxi
taxi driver/rider/ridership/stand
licensed/unlicensed/metered taxi
metered fare
flat/fixed/set rate
Put students in small groups, preferably from different cultural backgrounds. Ask to exchange information related to questions 1-4.
1. Is there a universally accepted code of hand signals when hailing a taxi (e.g.: waving a hand, holding a hand out near the waist or raising an arm)?
2. Does traveling by taxi require any precautions in your city?
3. Do taxis have a good or bad reputation in your city? Are the locals and tourists treated the same way by the 4. taxi drivers?

What are the 3 most important things for you when riding a taxi?
___ taxi cleanliness
___ comfort
___ being charged the correct fare
___ driver courtesy
___ safety
___ taxi availability
___ fast service
___ taking the most direct route
___ driver’s knowledge of the area
Mention that ‘cab’ is a synonym for ‘taxi’. (This word originally comes from the French word ‘cabriolet’ - a carriage pulled by a horse, which was used as a taxi in the past.)
Hand out the worksheet.
In Spotting A Taxi students match the cities with taxi colors and find facts related to taxi services in these cities. Ask to provide similar information about students’ native cities/countries.
Allow some time to find common word combinations and make sentences in Collocations. Extension: find noun+noun, noun+adjective, verb+noun combinations.
Wrap up with going over the Conversation Questions.
Student Handout

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