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ESL Worksheets: Consonant Clusters: When /ch/ Sounds as /k/

Level: ESL Advanced
Objective: practice pronunciation and spelling of the words in which /ch/ sounds as /k/
Teacher Notes:
Ask to think of the names of 3 animals that contain the letters ch and write them on the board.
The sound /ch/ is pronounced in 3 different ways in the words below:
cheetah (/ch/ sounds as /ch/)
chameleon (/ch/ sounds as /k/)
chimpanzee (/ch/ sounds as /sh/)
Tell students the class will focus on the words in which /ch/ sounds as /k/. These words are of Latin or Greek origin. /ch/ may be pronounced as /k/ at the beginning of a word (chemistry), in the middle (technology) or at the end (monarch).
The consonant  letters c and h may be grouped with an additional consonant creating a three-letter cluster (with no vowel in between): scholar, chrysanthemum, chlorine.
Hand out the worksheet. Students group the given words into the topic-based categories in Focus on Pronunciation: Saying /ch/ as /k/. Clarify the new meanings. In Spelling: What’s the Name?  students spell additional words containing /ch/ that sounds as /k/.
Student Handout

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