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ESL Worksheets: Shopping Phrasal Verbs

Level: ESL High-Intermediate
Objective: practice phrasal verbs related to shopping


1. In pairs or small groups students answer questions 1-10 in Exercise 1. While they may not be familiar with the new phrasal verbs, they can try and guess their meanings based on the context clues.


2. Take the questions up clarifying the meanings and accepting the appropriate answers. Have students give short definitions of the new phrasal verbs in their own words. Next, ask them to match the phrasal verbs to their meanings in Exercise 2.


3. Students fill in the missing phrasal verbs in the sentences in Exercise 3.


4. Additional work: have students choose 3 to 5 phrasal verbs and write their own sentences using the new expressions.

Student Handout

Exercise 1. Talk to your partner and answer the questions below. What do the phrasal verbs in bold mean?
1. Are you going to buy the shoes if they’re marked down?
2. Do you usually shop around before buying a new appliance?
3. Why do people in hurricane-prone areas stock up on groceries?
4. How long did it take a cashier to ring up your purchase last time you went shopping?
5. Have you ever run out of gas while driving?
6. How much would you shell out for a bottle of water in the middle of a desert?
7. If there is a long line-up of people to the fitting room, how long would you wait to try on the pants you found on sale?
8. If all the tickets are sold out, can you still go to the concert?
9. Why would a sports store want to sell off all the winter equipment at the end of the season?
10. Can you help your friend pick out some accessories to go with her dress?


Exercise 2. Match the phrasal verbs (1-10) with their definitions (a-j).


1. mark down

a)    pay

2. shop around

b)    choose

3. stock up

c)    put the clothes on to see if they fit

4. ring up

d)    record a sale using cash register

5. run out of

e)    accumulate a large quantity of something to keep for future use

6. shell out

f)     reduce price

7. try on

g)    sell the entire supply of something

8. sell out

h)    consume all of something

9. sell off

i)      sell unwanted items at a low price

10. pick out

j)      look in different stores to compare prices and choose the best bargain

Exercise 3. Fill in the missing phrasal verbs in the sentences below.


ESL Worksheet: Shopping Phrasal Verbs
  • run out of
  • stock up
  • ring up
  • shell out
  • shop around
  • sell off
  • sell out
  • try on
  • pick out
  • mark down

1. The store is relocating next month. The owner wants to its entire inventory to reduce the moving expenses.

2. Wii Games are very popular. Sometimes they in a day or two!

3. I plan to make 5 batches of cookies next weekend. I need to on the baking ingredients: dried fruit, chocolate chips and lots of nuts!

4. I better buy another package of baby formula today before I it.

5. I want to these pants before I buy them. Size 8 may be small on me.

6. Sheila had to wait for another cashier to her groceries.

7. Their selection of cakes was huge, and I had a difficulty to just one.

8. They decided to every item in the store before the holidays. Lower prices always attract more customers.

9. Before buying a new mattress, Clara wanted to at a few stores.

10. I regret not buying that heater for $70 last year at the end of the season. This winter I had to twice as much!

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