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ESL Worksheets: Ages and Stages

Level: ESL High-Intermediate
Objective: Learn vocabulary associated with various ages and stages of human life. Familiarise with sayings and idioms describing ages and aging

Introduce the term ‘life expectancy’. Ask students whether life expectancy has increased in the past centuries. What factors affect life expectancy? Ask students of they’ve heard of any centenarians or super-centenarians living in their countries.

Divide class in two groups. Ask the first group think of life stages a person goes through from age 0 to 18. Ask the second group think of life stages from 18+.

Hand out Exercise 1 and discuss additional ages and stages.

In pairs, students discuss questions in Exercise 2. Take the answers up and clarify the meanings of sayings in i).

·         Life begins at 40. (people have pursued their career, raised children and established themselves financially and socially by this age; they can finally lead a lifestyle they enjoy)

·         40 is the new 30. (today with availability of modern health care and cosmetic surgery 40-year-olds can easily look and feel like 30-year-olds; also, getting married and starting a family at 40 today is as common as starting it at 30 in the past)

·         You’re only young once. (people should enjoy their young age while it lasts to do activities that are difficult/impossible to do at an older age:  doing extreme sports, partying into wee hours of the morning, traveling extensively, etc.)

In pairs, students read sentences in Exercise 3 trying to define the new idioms. Clarify as needed.

Additional practice: write sentences with any of the new idioms/vocabulary.

Student Handout

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