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ESL Worksheets: Collocations With 'Give'

Level: ESL Intermediate

Objective: practice common collocations with the verb ‘give’
Teacher Notes:
Ask students to give examples of words that can follow the verb ‘give’, e.g.: give a gift/piece of cake, etc. that means ‘cause to have or receive’.

Follow with examples such as ‘give an excuse’, ‘give a dinner party’, in which ‘give’ has a different meaning, other than its straightforward one. These are examples of collocations, words that are commonly used together by the native speakers of English.
Distribute the student handout. Students match common collocations with ‘give’ with their meanings in (1) Explaining the Meaning. Once checked, provide additional oral practice by asking questions with the new collocations; for example:
- What’s the best time of the day to give you a call?
- Would you give a ride to stranger?
- Should pedestrians be always given right-of-way?
- If your boss asked you to relocate to a new province/state, would you give it some thought?
Ask students to complete phrases (extended collocations) in (2) Phrase Completion. Rephrase the original sentences and pose additional questions to check the comprehension as students provide the answers, e.g.:
- Will Sandra quit her job? (Yes, she will. She’ll quit her job if her boss doesn’t give her a raise)
- How much layoff notice did the management give the factory workers? (It gave two-week notice)
Have students discuss the conversation questions in pairs or small groups.
Student Handout

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