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April Fool’s Day ESL Worksheets: Practical Joke Devices

Level: ESL High-Intermediate

Objectives:  discuss practical jokes played on April Fool’s Day, familiarize students with common North American practical joke devices
Teacher Notes:
Tell students that April the 1st is intended for practical jokes - tricks that require some physical action (rather than just telling funny stories).
Examples of typical practical jokes can be putting salt in a sugar bowl, tying two shoes together or taping the hook of a telephone to the handset (so that the phone will keep ringing even when picked up).
In North America it’s possible to buy devices to help play practical jokes on other people. These devices are sold in gift shops, some discount stores and in novelty stores.  In addition to being bought by practical jokers, many children and teenagers enjoy buying these devices.
One example of a practical joke device is sneezing powder.  Sneezing powder is made from finely ground pepper.  If even a small amount is placed in a room, it will become airborne, then everyone in the room will start sneezing.  Are your students familiar with this device?  Do they think it’s funny?
Distribute the worsheet. Ask students to match practical joke devices to their brief descriptions in Find the Description. Follow with Practical Joke Discussion questions.

Student Handout

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