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ESL Worksheets: Food Service Jobs

Level: ESL High-Intermediate

Objectives: introduce/review occupational titles related to food service; describe work environment of food service personnel; give examples of common varieties of food and drinks associated with food service professionals
Teacher Notes:
Invite students to discuss the main trends in the food industry today. Clarify why food service jobs are important and offer high-demand careers.
Ask to what degree students agree or disagree with the following statements:
- today food safety and quality is more important to people than ever
- today more people are willing to try novel foods
- today people are more aware of nutritional value of the food
- today people are more educated about their food choices
- people lead a faster pace lifestyle and need more ready-to-eat/prepackaged foods
- food traceability (knowledge where it comes from) is important
Brainstorm food service jobs students are familiar with (cooks, cafeteria workers, chefs).  By asking additional questions, elicit more jobs:
Who prepares hot coffee-based drinks (e.g.: cappuccino) in coffee shops?  (a barista)

Who can give us advice which wine to pair with food? (a sommelier)

Who is the second most senior chef in a restaurant? (a sous-chef)

Who can provide us with food when we host a big event? ( a caterer)

Who is a cheese expert? (a cheesemonger)
Hand out the worksheet. Students match the food related jobs to their definitions. Ask what places/companied might hire these professionals (cruise ships, hotels, spas, private clinics).
Have students read the work environment descriptions in Work Environment and decide which jobs fit these descriptions. Do your students mind working in these environments?
Ask to give food/drink examples for each of the categories in Find the Category (cheddar, Swiss, Danish blue, mozzarella, Brie are types of cheese). Help to pronounce the new names. Encourage to add their own examples to the list.
Wrap up with conversation questions.
Student Handout

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