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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

ESL Teacher Blog: The New Words of the 2000s and 2010s

Coined in the previous decade and having potential power to stay in the next, the new words just keep on coming. New technologies and brands, cultural tends and events, and of course economy - all contribute to adding to our daily lexicon.

Quite a number of words has been suggested to describe a modern woman:

frugalista - someone who lives frugally yet stays healthy and fashionable (mostly associated with a woman rather than a man)

she-conomy or sheconomics - a study that analyses the relationship between women and money. Money needs to be controlled emotionally!

While there is an alpha female (the strongest female in an animal pack), we now talk more about an alpha woman - a dominant woman who likes to take control in all aspects of her life.

There are also ‘spinoff’ words from the previously existing ones:

cheeseburger/fishburger/lobsterburger (from hamburger)

floatel/boatel (from hotel or motel)

Google is now commonly used as a verb and so is twitter. Twittiquette is the rules of the polite use of Twitter.

This video sums the new words that were unknown a decade ago. Some of the examples mentioned in the video:

green-collar worker (someone who does an environmentally friendly job)

frenemy (someone who is both friend and enemy)

stacation (stay-at-home-vacation)

locavore (someone who eats locally grown food)

An interesting site that keeps track of new words.
POSTED BY Dan S Galperin AT 6:33 PM
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