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ESL Lesson Plans: Shopping for Bed Linens

Level: High-Intermediate

Objectives: name basic bed linens articles and talk about their characteristics when shopping; talk about cultural aspects of choosing and using bed linens


Ask students what section of a store sells items for bed, bath and kitchen/dining tables. Elicit the word linens. Explain that this term refers to articles we use to cover beds and tables, as well as to bath towels, rugs, bathrobes and such. Compare linens to linen, which is a type of natural fabric produced from the flax plant.
Ask students to give examples of bed linens (sheets, pillowcases, etc.), bath linens (guest towels, shower curtains, etc.) and table linens (tablecloths, napkin sets, table runners, etc.)
Ask if students have experienced any difficulties buying bed linens in a new country regarding the size or arrangement (e.g.: just sheets or sheet and duvet cover)? Tell students the lesson will focus on bed linens as these might vary from culture to culture.
Individually or in pairs students complete the Pre-Reading Vocabulary Match-Up exercise findng definitions for linens articles.
Choose two students to role-play the reading (Susan and salesclerk). Ask students to think what the words and phrases in bold might mean. Let students role-play the dialogue without interrupting.
Students do additional reading in pairs, giving short definitions for the bolded vocabulary. Take the task up, clarifying the new vocabulary.
Proceed to Post-Reading activities that include arranging steps in chronological order (students explain how to make a bed) and discussion questions. Monitor and correct pronunciation. Encourage students to support their answers rather than just provide yes/no ones.

Student Handout

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