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ESL Lesson Plans: Subway Announcements

Level: ESL High-Intermediate

Objectives: familiarize students with the language of subway announcements, discuss possible scenarios encountered while on transit system premises

Teacher Notes:
1. Warm Up: Brainstorming the Topic
Start with the conversation questions to brainstorm the topic. Based on class size, talk about 1-2 questions as a whole class and assign the rest for group discussion. (see questions 1-4 below). Alternatively, let students go through all the questions in their groups and then take them up to share their views and experiences.
2. Vocabulary: Word Partnerships
Focus on common word partnerships (collocations) used in subway announcements that follow. Exemplify as shown below. Encourage to come up with as many combinations as possible.
3. Comprehension: Arranging in a Logical Order
Students number sentences to create (logical) subway announcements as they would sound on transit premises. After initial checking, have students take turns read announcements out loud to a partner. Monitor pronunciation.
4. Grammar and Writing: A Verb or Noun?
Students make sentences with words that have the same form as verbs or nouns.
5. Extension: students make a subway announcement issued due to a police investigation in the area. They’re to give instructions to the riders about alternative trip arrangements. (Tip: have subway maps available for distribution to help plan an alternative route)
Student Worksheet:

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