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ESL Lesson Plans: At the Medical Lab - Going for a Blood Test

Level: High-Intermediate
Objectives: talk about a medical laboratory setting and main lab tests (e.g.: blood draw); learn vocabulary useful when interacting with lab staff
Teacher Notes
Ask students what helps a doctor to diagnose and treat patients. Write ‘lab tests’ on the board. Ask students to name a few kinds of tests: blood draw, urine sample, X-rays, throat swab, ultrasounds, scans, etc. Tell them the lesson will focus on vocabulary describing the steps of the blood draw procedure and communication between the medical lab staff and lab service users.
Tell students that conventional medicine in North America heavily relies on lab tests results. Ask why both healthy and unhealthy people need to go through lab tests. Based on you class level, mention diagnosing or ruling out diseases, early detection, checking body functions, monitoring body response to therapy and screening tests.
Students match columns A and B to complete sentences that explain the words in bold. Clarify as needed.
Students role-play the dialogue focusing on the new vocabulary. Go through the comprehension questions upon completion of the reading task.
Have students work in pairs. Students find the missing words from the reading and think of the new words related forms in the Vocabulary Review and Extension.
Conversation questions provide additional practice, consolidation and vocabulary extension.
Student Handout

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