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ESL Valentine’s Day Lesson Plan: Happily Ever After

Level: ESL High-Intermediate

Objectives: review typical elements of classical fairytales; provide summaries of well-known fairytales; explore student opinions about fairytales

Teacher Notes:

Ask for a simple definition of a fairytale, (e.g.: stories passed down by word of mouth for hundreds of years with an author usually unknown).

Make a list of the most popular fairytales students know of. Brainstorm some common elements of fairytales (e.g.: events happened a long time ago, happy endings, etc.)

In pairs, students discuss sentences 1-6 in (1) Elements of a Fairytale: Agree or Disagree and explain their choice.

Go over the items and characters in (2) Guess the Fairy Tale. Have students identify the corresponding fairytales.

Clarify the meanings of the words that students might be unfamiliar with in (3) Complete the Summary. Have students fill in the given words to complete the summaries of four fairytales. Follow with practicing expressive reading and pronunciation. Ask to provide summaries in students own words.

Assign small groups. Monitor the room as groups discuss the Conversation Questions. Students present their most interesting points and findings to class.

Student Handout:

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