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ESL Exercises: Real Estate Collocations

Real Estate: Collocations
  • home inspection
  • listing price
  • bidding wars
  • upgrade the house
  • downsize
  • sale value
  • open house
  • real estate agent
  • commercial properties
  • residential properties

1. George and Sheila sold their three-bedroom house and bought a two-bedroom condo apartment. They decided to because their grown-up children don’t live with them anymore.

2. Single family homes, condominium apartments and townhouses are examples of .

3. Offices, retail shops and warehouses are examples of .

4. A is an asking price for the property. The price is determined by a property market value, size, age and location.

5. Gary is an experienced . He’s been helping his customers to sell and buy properties for years.

6. Andrew and Monica renovated their kitchen and bathroom before putting their house for sale. They knew this would increase the of their house.

7. We wanted to get a professional to evaluate the house we considered buying. It’s important to check the plumbing, heating and electrical systems, roof, and ventilation before signing the legal papers.

8. My brother’s family is growing - they’ve just welcomed a second baby boy! They now definitely need to - their one-bedroom house is too small for a family of four.

9. Many families wanted to buy this cute single-family house in a quiet residential area. The - the multiple offers on the house - allowed the home owners to sell it for well above the asking price.

10. Do you want to come with me to the on Sunday? The house is available for viewing from 2 to 4.

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