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Family: Idioms
  • a chip off the old block
  • make ends meet
  • black sheep
  • it takes two to tango
  • run in the family
  • my own flesh and blood
  • rules the roost
  • keep a tight rein on

1. Twins really ! My grandmother was a twin, my cousins are twins, and I have a brother and sister who are twins.

2. It’s hard to on teenagers.

3. My cousin has always been the of the family: he was a trouble-maker at school, a lousy employee at work, and now he is romantically involved with a married woman!

4. To both of the parents had to work overtime.

5. I can't believe that my son lied to me – he’s .

6. The old saying means that both partners are responsible for problems in the relationship.

7. He is - just like his father, he’s a very controlling man.

8. His wife in that family.

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